Adirondack Jaunt Day 1

I needed to get away for a few days. I hadn’t taken a single “real” vacation all year (weekend trips with my parents to see family friends notwithstanding), and I was getting antsy. I’ve been following a lot of photographers on Instagram from the Pacific Northwest, progressively getting more and more jealous of the amazing scenery that surrounds them. But a trip across the country was not going to be a viable option at that moment. So where could I go that was close enough to drive through, and picturesque enough to take advantage of fall foliage?


It soon dawned on me that I had never been to The Adirondacks. Well actually, despite growing up in New Jersey my entire life, I’d never even been to Upstate NY. Crazy, really, considering the region is only a 4 hour drive away. We’d regularly gone to Maine, New Hampshire and Cape Cod when I was a child, but somehow never veered out of the coastal states. Scanning the instagram tags to see how many photo opportunities there were, I was sold.

Luckily, I didn’t have to make the trip solo. I was able to convince Jennifer to come along, which I could not have been more excited about. Jennifer and I met in a playgroup when we were 18 months old, and have been buds ever since. And somehow, despite traveling with her to France, the Dominican Republic, and Cape Cod, and popping by to visit her a couple of times in Ireland when we were studying abroad (she visited me in Italy), we had never been on a trip just the two of us. So let our unofficial 27 year friendversary trip begin!

We stayed at a truly special AirBNB in Upper Jay, only a 20 minute drive from everything we wanted to see. Our little apartment was situated above an old barn on a working dairy farm called Sugar House Creamery.


Cows greeted us each morning below our little balcony. They were surprisingly unfragrant, considering.


If you’re looking for a place to stay in the area, I highly recommend them (as do about 70 other people on airbnb). The Carriage House was very nicely renovated, and so cozy!

Sugar House Creamery

Sugar House Creamery

For more on our trip, check out Day 2!

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