Adirondack Jaunt | The Road Home


Before hitting the road to return home, we wanted to grab a peek of Lake Placid. I wasn’t really sure where we might find public access to the lake, as it seemed to be surrounded by mostly private property. Sticking my GPS on I randomly followed a few roads and we somehow ended up at a public hiking trail that lead us down to this cute little dock and a fairly tiny dam.


We didn’t really have time to take the whole trail, but I was satisfied just to have had this secluded little glimpse.


Jennifer had the excellent idea to try to stop off for some apple picking on the long drive back, as we were in the middle of peak apple season. We ended up at a little orchard in New Paltz, NY. Because it was a weekday they only had a small portion of the orchard open, but we still managed to fill up our bags. Plus, we were the only people there which was pretty nice.



I’d definitely like to head back to New Paltz sometime and explore a bit more. The downtown area reminded me a lot of New Hope, PA–quaint, but artsy at the same time. It’s also home to Mohonk Mountain, which looks like an excellent hiking opportunity!

So here we are, finally at the end of a 3 day trip, 6 months later. Did I stretch this thing out or what?

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