Adirondack Jaunt | The Road Home


Before hitting the road to return home, we wanted to grab a peek of Lake Placid. I wasn’t really sure where we might find public access to the lake, as it seemed to be surrounded by mostly private property. Sticking my GPS on I randomly followed a few roads and we somehow ended up at a public hiking trail that lead us down to this cute little dock and a fairly tiny dam.


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Adirondack Jaunt | Whiteface Mountain


After climbing Mt. Jo, we decided to drive up Whiteface Mountain to take in the view. For a fee, you can drive up the mountain on the Whiteface Veteran’s Memorial Highway. The weather seemed to change rapidly as we approached, and looking at the summit we could see that it was shrouded in fast-moving clouds. Fighting initial disappointment (and hoping that the weather might shift soon) we drove up anyway. Well, the weather didn’t shift, but we were so glad we stuck with our choice.

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Adirondack Jaunt | Mt. Jo

Jennifer climbing Mt. Jo

On our second day in the Adirondacks, we were ready to do some hiking. Jennifer had the brilliant plan to make pancakes for breakfast, so we were plenty fueled up for some cardio. The weather was absolutely gorgeous in the morning, so we really lucked out. (Catch up: Day 1)

As anyone who’s been to Upstate NY knows, there’s no shortage of hiking opportunities. Choosing which mountain to climb was a little overwhelming! We decided on Mt. Jo, which is considered a “beginners” hike, although halfway up both of us were questioning that classification, as it was definitely quite the scramble. (However we did pass an entire class of elementary age children AND a family that had their grandmother in tow, so make of that what you will.)

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Adirondack Jaunt Day 1

I needed to get away for a few days. I hadn’t taken a single “real” vacation all year (weekend trips with my parents to see family friends notwithstanding), and I was getting antsy. I’ve been following a lot of photographers on Instagram from the Pacific Northwest, progressively getting more and more jealous of the amazing scenery that surrounds them. But a trip across the country was not going to be a viable option at that moment. So where could I go that was close enough to drive through, and picturesque enough to take advantage of fall foliage?


It soon dawned on me that I had never been to The Adirondacks. Well actually, despite growing up in New Jersey my entire life, I’d never even been to Upstate NY. Crazy, really, considering the region is only a 4 hour drive away. We’d regularly gone to Maine, New Hampshire and Cape Cod when I was a child, but somehow never veered out of the coastal states. Scanning the instagram tags to see how many photo opportunities there were, I was sold.

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