Changing Allegiance

So it feels a little sacrilegious to be writing this post–I’m almost ashamed to admit it. Ok, deep breath.

I bought a Canon and am selling my Nikon.

*wipes brow* feels good to get that off my chest.

I’ve always, ALWAYS been a Nikon girl. My first (and only, as it’s fantastic and I’ve never needed another) film camera was Nikon FM10. When DSLRs began to hit the market at a somewhat-reasonable price I got a Nikon D70s. Somewhere in there I had a D40 (actually, I thought I sold this at one point and just recently found it in a closet at my parent’s house, whoops). I’ve been using a D90 for about 6 years now which means I’ve been itching for something new.

Call me crazy, but I started looking into Canons for the first time. A lot of photographers I’ve been admiring lately use them, so yeah, I was swayed. So after much deliberation, I went with a Canon 6D. It’s a 4-year old model, but I’m not a professional photographer and it was the best camera at the right price. I’ve paired it with a Sigma 24mm / f1.4 lens–my first Sigma, my first 24mm, AND my first prime lens (i.e. no zoom), and I’m pretty in love. Some day I’d like to invest in a 35mm and maybe a 50mm, but right now I’m enjoying this one’s wide-angle.

I haven’t had a ton of time to shoot with it as of yet. Here’s a test shot I took of Cody, because when in doubt, drive to your parents’ house and take a picture of the┬ádog.

Canon 6D Sigma 24mm 1.4 test shot

Are you loyal to a specific camera brand? Have I lost my mind by switching? Let me know in the comments!