& listen: Spring Beginnings


I like to make playlists for each new season. This stems from how I used to make mix CDs to listen to in my car that I would play the crap out of for a few months before getting bored and wanting some fresh tunes. Now I’m continuing that tradition with Spotify. I have to say, the Discover Weekly playlist on Monday is truly a highlight of my week, and has introduced me to so many artists I may have never heard otherwise.

Here’s a few tunes I’ve been digging recently from my spring playlist to start off your week:

Water – Ra Ra Raiot, Rostam

Winterbreak – MUNA

Like a Friend – Pulp

Answer – Connie Constance

Cool Out – Matthew E. White (feat. Natalie Prass)

New Glass – Roseau

For my full Spring Beginnings playlist, head on over to Spotify.