& wear: Summer Wardrobe Inspiration

Over Memorial Day weekend I went a little nuts while closet-cleaning and got rid of probbbbably more than half my clothes. Something in me snapped and I decided I hated the majority of my wardrobe. You may have heard of decluttering-guru Marie Kondo–her method of organizing suggests that if an item does not “spark joy” you should get rid of it. It’s a nice sentiment, but not always entirely plausible (for instance, my kitchen shears don’t spark any joy in me, but I need them for cutting things, so…)

That being said, I think it’s a pretty decent method for cleaning out one’s closet. It also helps to be completely ruthless. If something hadn’t been worn in a while, I ditched it. If I’d been hanging on to something for a while but always avoided wearing it because it wasn’t flattering or didn’t make me feel good, I tossed it in the giveaway pile. Basically, anything I wasn’t totally in love with (or needed for practical reasons) went buh-bye. Honestly, I have at least another round of closet cleansing to do before I’m certain I’m only keeping clothes I like, but it still feels so good to know I’ve made initial steps. Now I’ve got a bag of clothes to donate, a bag of clothes to toss, and a spare closet full of pieces to add to my Poshmark closet! (Round 1 is already up for sale on Poshmark if you want to check it out.)

But of course, as soon as I purge my closet I’m eyeing new purchases. I’m really determined to build a wardrobe of pieces that make me happy. No more mornings of standing in front of my open closet hating all the options before me. Below are some of the pieces that have been inspiring me lately. I’m really into effortless, simple pieces and fabrics this year for summer. Obviously I can’t afford the majority of these stores, but it always helps to have a jumping off point so that have specific styles in mind while shopping for more reasonably-priced items.



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